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The Unify Challenge

March 9, 2023 @ 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

EST  | Virtual

What is the Unify Challenge?

It’s a guided video conversation that you’ll take with another American who may vote differently than you or be different than you in other ways. It’s a small but powerful way for everyday people to heal our national divide.

Consider this your official invitation to step out of your “bubble.” We the People can lead the way.

The process:

1. Tell us about yourself.

This part’s easy! Just answer a few basic questions so we can match you with the perfect partner. Your match may vote differently than you do or be someone you’d never get the chance to meet in your daily life.

2. What you’ll need:

You’ll need a computer with a camera and microphone. (The Challenge DOES NOT work on your phone or a tablet.)

Give yourself about an hour. Some partners chat longer because they get into it. Totally up to you!

And you’ll need an open mind. It’s OK to disagree. In fact, it’s great to disagree.

3. Take the challenge and have a conversation.

You may be thinking… “A video conversation with a complete stranger? What will we talk about?” Don’t worry. We make it super easy. It’s a guided survey that you take together about goals for the country around issues like healthcare, immigration, the economy, education, criminal justice, and more. You don’t have to be “into politics” — no prep needed!

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