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StoryWorks Theater Presents Teaching the Constitution Through Theater: Now’s The Time Virtual Play and Curriculum

March 8, 2023 @ 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

EST  | Virtual

Now’s The Time opens at the dawn of Reconstruction, the Civil War has just ended but the nation is plunged again into crisis with the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Andrew Johnson ascends to the Presidency determined to restore white supremacy in the South. Congressional radicals led by Thaddeus Stevens are fighting for a different vision. They intend to create a new society of full racial equality, where Black Americans will have real economic and political power, including ownership of land confiscated from the rebels, education, suffrage and election to public office. This titanic political battle between President and Congress culminates in the first impeachment and trial of a U.S. president, and to more than 150 years of continuing violence and discrimination against Black Americans.

Join StoryWorks Theater’s Jenna Welch and Rebecca Welch Weigel for an introduction to Now’s The Time, a virtual play and corresponding curriculum.

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