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Perception versus Being Together

March 14 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

EST  | Virtual

In unveiling the intricate workings of perception, exposing its role in crafting optical illusions and distorting our grasp of visual reality, we uncover a startling revelation: this very mechanism extends its reach into the fabric of our interpersonal interactions. Immersed in a battleground of perceptions, we find ourselves entrenched in divisive narratives, trapped within the confines of “Us-Against-Them” mentalities dictated by narratives that grip us relentlessly, rendering us blind to alternatives. To transcend this perceptual stranglehold and cultivate a new mode of communal existence, we embark on a journey of physical engagement and shared activities, from the humble handshake to more elaborate exercises, forging connections beyond the constraints of perception’s sway.

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